AmbiRad Installers and Repair Services

AmbiRad installations, repairs,  servicing and spare parts.  Servicing Sheffield, Leeds,  Nottingham,  Chesterfield, Barnsley and neighboring areas.

Looking for a local expert on AmbiRad equipment ?

Then its time to call AdRad. We have worked closely with Ambi rad over the years carrying out large scale 50 plus appliance installations for major plcs to single appliance installations for smaller business units. Its all bread and butter stuff to us. We aim to deal with your enquiry in a professional yet friendly manner, listening first to the specific challenge you the customer are facing and then offering our free advice on solutions we feel would be appropriate to overcome those problems.

Looking for a cost effective company ?

Unlike a lot of our competitors we have invested and continue to invest  in our service in a big way. That’s not just blurb on our website its our own fleet of powered access equipment and transport,  5000 sq ft premises including a comprehensive parts store, Our own fully sign written fleet of vans carrying a large range of Ambi rad parts and of course most importantly our engineers. Our team are up to date with training and assessments in all the areas they work in. Its all part of our strategy of being the number one choice in the area for quality and service at a sensible price.

Why do we normally specify AmbiRad equipment ?

Although we are not under any obligation to specify Ambi Rad equipment we usually will. We have found that as a supplier Ambi Rad have shown longevity and innovation in the industry. A strong British company making proven long lasting efficient appliances. This is all backed up by a reasonably priced spares program to help us keep our customers appliances in service a long time. Working together using both our parts stores we can still supply parts to some models manufactured 30 years ago.

We have found Ambi Rads commitment to their equipment matches our commitment to our customers. We don’t want to sell a product that will be inefficient or obsolete in a few years. Equally we don’t see the value in supplying the cheapest imported products on offer. A heating system should be value for money over the longer term. Some imported appliances that fail an inspection after only a few years in service just back up the proven advice we always give our customers, When it comes to heating equipment you really do get what you pay for!

Of course that does not mean all the other manufacturers don’t make some good equipment or provide a good service. Its the complete package Ambi Rad offer that keeps them our number one choice for equipment. The emphasis of providing the best complete solution in the industry is an ethos that resonates within both our companies and can only result in a synergy that delivers the most efficient results for our customers.