Industrial Gas Pipework

Looking for Gas pipework services ? Here at Adrad we specialise in the following:

  • Industrial Gas Pipework Testing Commissioning and Certification.
  • Industrial and Commercial Gas Pipework Installations.
  • Screwed Steel, Welded steel, Stainless steel and Polyethelene.
  • Pipe sizing design and specification.

In the past it was traditionally  the job of the pipefitter to install all types of process pipework including gas. However increasingly strict regulations for gas pipework mean that now only Gas Safe Registered and ACS approved engineers can legally undertake work on gas pipework systems and equipment. Here at Adrad we are fully registered and insured to work with gas. Our operatives are trained and certified for the work they carry out to ACS standards and are updated and re-accessed every 5 years to comply with regulations.

The services we offer are full design and installation of a new gas pipework system from initial site visit to testing and purging. We also can work on existing gas systems with regard to upgrades, new tap ins for extensions  and recommissioning systems that have been turned off for any amount of time. We are qualified for all sizes of pipework including boosted and higher pressure gas systems and offer full guarantees on all the work we carry out.

Need help understanding the law ?

As stated before it is important to ensure that you get the correct company in to work on your gas system. In untrained hands gas is a potentially very dangerous substance, so a proper understanding of correct working practices is crucial to ensure safety. In the Past CORGI were the appointed government body to oversee the gas industry but more recently the task has been awarded to the Gas Safe Register. It is a legal requirement that all companies who undertake work on gas equipment are registered with the Gas safe register. When you are registered you receive a unique number that can be checked with Gas safe register. It is important that if you are using a company for gas works you check they are registered to do so. The second thing you need to look out for is that the engineer actually working on the equipment is qualified to do so. To carry out gas related works individual engineers must have the relevant ACS assessment for the category of work they are undertaking. Domestic engineers should not be working on commercial systems or vice versa unless they are actually qualified for both. An individuals qualifications can be checked online with gas safe register or to make matters simpler all individuals qualified and registered should carry an official in date card. The card will list on the back the categories of competencies awarded.

In any case if you are in doubt check them out ! The rules are there for your protection so please help us keep the industry safe by keeping the cowboys out.